Kira Scerbin

Lives and works in Chicago, IL

B. 1991 Cleveland Ohio

2014 BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL


Solo Exhibitions


From the Potato: The little wild friends of the underground Chalet

Good Enough, Atlanta, GA


It is Nice, Being Here!

Disco City#8 Art Gallery, Chicago, IL


Faber And Faber Present Kira Scerbin

Faber And Faber Present, Chicago, IL


Group Exhibitions


Shampoo 2, 2

Phil Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Proscenium Arch

S1 Portland, Portland, OR

The Last Straw of our Carrying

Species, Atlanta, GA


100%, San Francisco, CA


Get Clear on What You Think

Maxwell Colette Gallery, Chicago, IL

Everything Must Go!

Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL


Tentatively Titled

Sunday Project Gallery, Chicago, IL


How Very

Lodos, Chicago/Mexico City, IL




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